How it began?

Lakefront Traditions was created to provide the perfect apparel for spending all day at the lake. The owners of the company place value on spending time with family and friends out on the water all summer long. In doing so, we have never been able to find the right apparel for those hot summer days out on the lake. Whether it was spent on long boat rides, water-skiing, or floating in a raft all day with that cold drink; a lot of memories have been made but the perfect apparel was missing.

Our love for the water began in 1989 when our parents decided to purchase a 24 ft. long pontoon boat. Our family of five spent every weekend during the summer in the water on that pontoon boat. There was a constant search for the calm cove where we could anchor, relax and enjoy the evening until the sun passed. Numerous memories were made on that 24 ft. toon and we hope that by providing you with the perfect outdoor wear that you too will be able to create lasting memories.